Active Release Technique treatment is a hands-on touch and case management system that allows a practitioner to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of disposable, very thin, solid needles at specific points on the body to effect some change on the system.

Our Certified Athletic Therapists provide care and management of sports and orthopedic injuries both in the clinical setting and on the sport field.

Chiropractic is a branch of health care specializing in the correction of biomechanical disorders of the spinal column and joint systems.

Sports Medicine is a certified Complete Concussion Management clinic providing the most current concussion treatment and rehabilitation techniques for athl

While not a new concept or treatment modality, Sports Medicine offers Elastic Therapeutic Taping as just one more tool in therapistsí arsenal.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), designed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton, is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients.

One important aspect of Graston Technique that distinguishes it from other soft tissue techniques is the incorporation of tools to accomplish treatment.

A soft tissue, hands-on therapeutic treatment proven effective for treating pain and discomfort as a result of injury, stress and chronic conditions

Naturopathic Doctors work to uncover the cause of disease, and then treat to restore normal health and balance.

Our Registered Physiotherapists work as an integral part of the rehabilitation team. They provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of your con

A safe and effective treatment for acute and chronic pain and rehabilitation of an injury, dry needling is unrivaled as a means of finding and treating neu

Many people complain of dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, and balance problems. Our VRT trained therapists can help.

Strength & Conditioning

Orillia is introducing a NEW 6-week education & exercise program for people with stiff knees and hips, related to osteoarthritis.

Whatever the sports, Sports Medicine will provide results driven by competition and accountability among teammates. New Location in Orillia.

The Performance program is designed to provide individuals with world-class strength & conditioning programs for their goals - New Location in Orillia!

The Fit program is the ideal choice for those looking to improve body composition, dominate their recreational activities or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

U12 and adolescent U16 programs available in Orillia. The Youth programs emphasize healthy, long-term athletic development.

RTP program is designed to assist clients who have sustained an injury, have chronic injuries or have completed rehabilitation or other reasons. In Orillia

Former professional hockey player Greg Eskedjian is our nutrition expert, here to help you in Orillia today!

Mental Performance training will help regulate focus, stress/emotions, improve confidence and motivation, and much more. Specialist Andrew Crome in Orillia

Elite Testing, Functional Power, High Intensity Conditioning, Speed/Agility, Injury Prevention, Recover/Regenerate, Nutrition & more at Orillia Location

Hockey Sport Testing includes: forward/backward sprints, reaction test, transition agility and more to train strength and speed at the Orillia location