Sports Medicine is excited to announce that they now offer nutritional counselling. Our nutrition expert, Greg Eskedjian goes over the top 10 reasons to consult a Sports Medicine nutrition coach:

TOP 10 reasons to consult a Sports Medicine Sport Nutrition Coach:

  1. Enhance athletic performance using the most up-to-date scientific research.
  2. Speed an athlete’s recovery following training, competition, injury or illness.
  3. Develop nutritional strategies to complement different stages of annual preparation and competition (“off –season to in-season”) plans.
  4. Develop proper hydration habits to maximize athletic performance.
  5. Enhance an athlete’s body composition.
  6. Teach athletes about choosing, storing, and preparing the right foods.
  7. Gain scientific insight into dietary supplements and sports foods for efficacy, safety, and quality.
  8. Provide nutrition counseling to athletes who have medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, abnormal iron status, food allergies, or gastrointestinal problems such as gluten sensitivity.
  9. Gain age specific recommendations for athletes young and old.
  10. Develop permanent healthy living strategies.

What is included in a Sports Medicine Sport Nutrition session?

  • Comprehensive sport nutrition assessment
  • Athletic goal and performance planning
  • Body composition analysis
  • Personalized meal plan based on food preferences, lifestyle and goals
  • Hydration information and recommendations
  • Nutritional facts table and ingredients breakdown
  • Grocery shopping guide including list of best brands
  • Menus and recipes
  • Recommendations on dietary supplements
  • Educational tools and resources
  • Email support

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