Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening (or FMS) – is one of the newer “buzz phrases” in the world of sports and rehabilitation. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), designed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton, is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients or athletes. Quick and simple in execution, all that is required for the FMS is the ability to observe basic movement patterns already familiar to the health care professional (i.e. physiotherapist, athletic therapist, chiropractor, trainer). Making this an even more valuable tool, is the fact that FMS allows professionals to assess movement patterns in a “healthy” population, not only individuals with an injury or pathology.

Sports Medicine has a number of staff trained in FMS, giving them the ability to recognize limitations or asymmetries in their clients with injuries or dysfunction, to determine individuals at a higher risk for injury, as well as healthy individuals who want to improve their performance. The Functional Movement Screen provides a therapist with an evaluation option that relates closely to what the athlete or client will actually do in training or work activities.

Our staff can then take the limitations or asymmetries uncovered during the assessment, address them with corrective exercises and within a few sessions, see a major improvement in the client’s basic movement patterns. While athletes will see a drastic improvement in their performance, everyone can benefit from this tool. Research has shown that FMS is a reliable tool in assessing an individual’s risk of injury, as well as noting that the use of corrective exercise and movement-related training programs do lead to an improvement in an individual’s composite FMS score.

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