🏌️♂️Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional ⛳️

Huge congrats to DR. LUCAS LAFRAMBOISE, Chiropractor at Orillia Sports Medicine for completing his level 2 Medical Professional designation with TPI.

TPI Medical Certification gives medical professionals golf-specific injury assessment and rehabilitation techniques to get golfers back in the game or improve their swing mechanics.

There are many golf-specific injuries and those associated to the golf swing that a TPI specialist can easily identify. Lucas is able to look at how these injuries develop, how to assess & treat the injuries and how specific physical limitations can be corrected to improve overall golf performance.

Spring is almost here! Are you a golfer who wants to improve overall performance? Improve your golf swing mechanics? Or address an old injury that may affect your golf season? Book your appt with Lucas today at Orillia Sports Medicine 705.325.2200.