Orillia Sports Medicine is thrilled to announce our continued partnership with the Orillia Kings Jr B Lacrosse Club for another season!

Our role as the primary clinic for the team reflects our longstanding commitment to excellence in injury care and rehabilitation, a field in which we have been leaders for over 35 years. This partnership is all about blending our expertise with the Kings' ambition, making sure these athletes get the top-notch care they deserve.

We're bringing our A-game to the table with Nick White, our skilled and experienced physio, who'll be right there at every game to tackle any injuries on the spot. Plus, we're rolling out a special program for the Kings at our Team Training facility, focusing on strength and conditioning to keep the players in tip-top shape, aiming to prevent injuries before they even happen.

This partnership is more than just about providing medical care; it's about supporting the Kings to be their best, both on and off the field. At Orillia Sports Medicine, we're all about fostering a healthy, competitive spirit, ensuring the Kings are ready and resilient for whatever the season throws at them. Here's to a great season ahead, full of top performance and minimal downtime!