The M2M Fundraiser was a huge success!

Here is an email from Sharon Palmer of the Barrie Food Bank:

"Hi Rick, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you, and to the partners for the Mind to Muscle Fundraiser. Over 800 lbs of food was collected in addition to the cash and the donation from Purolator! This is fantastic!

We are so grateful for this support. It comes at a time when we are seeing record numbers of visitors to the Food Bank. In June alone, we had 352 new clients, and the number of households using the food bank was up 53% over June last year. We help to feed or are the sole source of food for about 3000 individuals a month now.

Michelle Runge, thoroughly enjoyed the event and commented on the positive vibe at the event! Well done!

Thanks again!


Sharon Palmer

Executive Director

Barrie Food Bank"

Thank you to our sponsors!